Ani difranco dating mike napolitano

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She also found time to collaborate with artists like Maceo Parker (formerly of James Brown’s JB’s), U. As the new millennium dawned, she released the double album Revelling/Reckoning, a chronicle of her marriage (and subsequent divorce) from the married man she had obsessed over in Dilate.

Based out of Ani’s hometown, Buffalo, Righteous Babe had become a formidable indie.

Initially, her repertoire was primarily Beatles covers, but soon she began writing her own songs.

She became an emancipated minor before her 16th birthday.

After they bought the building, RBR painstakingly restored it, and by mid-decade it had become label headquarters and housed the performance space, Babeville. Another live album, 2002’s So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter, featured the Lil Folksinger with a full band, she quickly followed up with largely acoustic efforts, Evolve in 2003 and Educated Guess in 2004. The following year was devoted to the arrival of Ani and Mike’s son, Dante, and in 2014 she released Allergic To Water.

The next year she partnered with musician/producer Joe Henry and created one of her most enduring albums, Knuckle Down, which explored her newfound romantic relationship With engineer/producer, Mike Napolitano. She has now returned with her 20th studio album, Binary.

But that’s nothing new for an artist who has worn her heart (and her politics), on her sleeve since she began performing music nearly three decades ago.She partnered with hometown friend and mentor, Scott Fisher (who is also a lawyer), and in 1990 founded her own label, Righteous Babe.Throughout the early ‘90s, Ani toured the country in her VW Bug, her only companions were her acoustic guitar and a growing arsenal of songs.On three tracks she plants herself in the turbulent combat zone of the current culture wars.“Alrighty” is powered by akimbo percussion, angular guitars and modal violin accents.

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