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However Monica went on to appear with ever more emphasis over the years later taking the main character position of Jimmy Five.In the first strips Monica was a younger and little girl, she had an angry face and her hair was different, but Mauricio improved his visual over the years giving to Monica a cute and friendly appearance.In 2014, Monica was added by publisher Nurigo Games as a playable character in the Brazilian edition of massive multiplayer online race game Tales a popular Brazilian comic book franchise created by Mauricio de Sousa.At that time the area of comics was more played in Brazil, many Brazilian artists were trying to hold his own in the stalls along the publications of American comics like Donald Duck, José Carioca, Little Lulu, and many others.Even with these new comics remained with their good sales on newsstands with this soon came to Jimmy Five magazine three years later.

Especially Jimmy Five (Cebolinha) and Smudge (Cascão), who are always teasing her and calling her fatty, bucktoothed and shorty.Other characters created by de Sousa include Chuck Billy 'n' Folks, Tina's Pals, Lionel's Kingdom and Bug-a-Booo.Monica's Gang was published by Abril and Globo and has been published by Panini Comics since 2007.Monica is a 7-year-old, strong and decisive girl, who does not tolerate impertinence, but at the same time, has her moments of femininity.She lives with her parents, has a little dog called Ditto (Monicão), and does not let go of her blue stuffed rabbit called Samson (Sansão).

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