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It is especially delicate in Cambodia, because in our judicial system, .

In our Cambodian judicial system, judges and prosecutors keep as a goal to produce a jail sentence.

HH: I'm a little embarrassed to admit that when I first went to Cambodia back in 2003, I was filled with all the naïve assumptions and western biases that many people have when they first get there: all the girls are 'trapped' in the bars; they have little decision-making power; they are controlled by bosses and managers; they are all sex workers who are commercially available and negotiable for sex upon any request; and every inter-ethnic couple (Cambodian woman/western man) were commercially-based.

Well, I had to confront all those assumptions pretty quickly, because when I got there in 2005 to start formal academic research, I learned right away that something quite different was going on.

In the case of sexual offenders, we understand it as a crime when an adult – national or foreigner – engages in sexual relations with underage persons and we understand it as younger to 18 years old.

HH: Over a decade, I got to know many of the women as close friends.

We identified on lots of levels -- particularly around the way we dressed and danced, and the music we liked -- so we became 'fast friends.' Phnom Penh, the capital city, also had a lawless and edgy magnetism about it and I decided then and there that I wanted to come back to Cambodia and write a book about the women who were at the heart of it all.

DHS: What did you expect, and how are your expectations met or shattered?

Indecent acts against minors of 15 mean touching or exposing genital and it gives prison for 1 to 3 years (Art- 43).

Going around with a camera to persecute possible sexual offenders is not a good idea, because you will break other laws such as the right of privacy and the right to a good name.

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