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Considered as one of the major sacred buildings in Switzerland, the monastery island of Rheinau, placed in a bend in the river downstream from Schaffhausen, houses a magnificent Benedictine abbey.The monastery in late gothic-baroque style, formerly the collegiate church of St Mary, is a wonderful illustration of high Baroque style in Switzerland.

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Twin towns in the south of the State of Baden-Württemberg, at the foot of the Black Forest, these lies close to the Swiss border.

To reach the island you will go over a dike with a magnificent Pappel avenue (Deutsche Alleenstraße). Politically Büsingen is German, but economically speaking, the Swiss law is applicable.

Good examples of the monasterial architecture are the three roman churches of the island: the cathedral of St. The village is a so-called exclave, which, from Germany, can only be accessed through the border with Switzerland.

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"The Rhine combines every quality a river can exhibit.

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