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The procedure took place with me sat on a couch in goggles.It was certainly quick, but it hurt — like a series of bee-stings on my lip for about five minutes — ­accompanied by a smell of burning hair, which I have to admit wasn’t pleasant.She says: I used to bleach my top lip, but the hairs were becoming more noticeable.I became self-­conscious about it and began to pluck, but it came back thicker and I ended up with ingrown hairs.Six to 10 treatments are needed, with a gap of one to three months between each one.

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The treatment felt like a series of hot flashes, but wasn’t painful. It is better for fine hair than coarser hair such as that on the chin.

I repeated the ­procedure four times, but by the end of the third ­treatment the hairs were gone.

I have not had a single hair on my lip since mid-September.

However, after a shower or swim I’d have to smooth it down with my hands to make it lie flat. Recently I saw a friend who used to have a hairier face than me.

She had a hair-free, smooth face and it looked amazing. Facial waxing didn’t seem too extreme — I’ve been waxing my legs and bikini line for years.

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