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He has a strong passion for conspiracy theories, the paranormal and bigotry.

He is most famous for becoming the toyboy lover of the show's cougar-age host Gretel Killeen after being evicted from the house.

Being a big brother, he told me to take advantage of this opportunity, to enjoy it.

Don't come out here and be too nervous, just take full advantage of it.

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Robin Joyce writes of different cultures, programmes and years, comparing women’s treatment in Big Brother Australia (BB) and The Apprentice UK (TA) to provide insights into these two reality television examples, the potential impact of discrimination law on reality television, and the prognosis for women seeking advancement through the process.

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My family are British but also Spanish and my son is half African...If other opportunities came up, I wouldn't have gone.When Mike called, it is like your big brother called, or my little brother who is big.Reviews of Harmer’s performance were harsh to say the least, but even the host herself later accepted that it was not her finest work, as she told The Age in 2010: ”One of the things that happened to me was that I’d been doing radio in Sydney for so long that when I came down to talk to an audience who are in Melbourne doing TV, they basically said, ‘What does she know about what we’re doing?’ And fair enough, in retrospect.” ”And here’s the interesting dilemma. You only learn it in the doing of it.” ”Some of the advice I got from the producers was really bad. There was a point a few years back where people were starting to say, ‘Are they going to make it?

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