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To be competitive with other insurance companies looking for senior adjuster experience, FEMA will pay adjusters up to 26% above the already increased fee schedule to adjust flood claims.

This brings NFIP claims in line with other insurance industry companies which have also increased payments to adjusters.

This temporary move will mean that NFIP policyholders will receive the same high-level of adjustment experience of other insurance claimants – the experience they’ve paid for and deserve.

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However, many domain names (such as and do not conform to the naming convention because they were already registered before the GSA enacted this policy and thus they had to be grandfathered in.For states, the domain name must include the full state name or postal abbreviation, and the abbreviation must not be obscured by inclusion in a larger word.For example, for Idaho would be an unacceptable domain name.Rumor: FEMA is training National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) adjusters Rumor: Policyholders should pay a fee or percentage of their flood insurance proceeds to third parties Rumor: Flood Insurance (September 1 Deadline)Scam: Flood Insurance Premiums (Robo-Calls)Rumor: Receiving Emails from "Send Word" and Text Messages Rumor: FEMA refunding 0 for power outages Rumor: Service Animals in Shelters Rumor: Pets in Hotels Rumor: Danger Of Plague Rumor: Tetanus Vaccine Rumor: Disaster Clean-Up and Inspections Rumor: FEMA Business Re-Entry List Rumor: Fuel Shortages Rumor: Hiring (-5k Per Week)Rumor: Hiring (k Per Week)Rumor: Shelters & ID Check Scam: Inspections or Contractor Repairs Scam: Impersonations - Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) FEMA will not proactively provide information gathered through these applications with ICE or CBP for immigration enforcement purposes; however, if a significant law enforcement interest exists (e.g.a national security case) for an individual whose information is contained therein, FEMA may share information with our law enforcement partners, within DHS per their request, in accordance with the intra-agency need to know exception to the general disclosure prohibition of the Privacy Act of 1974.

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