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Their head chieftain is called suit, and he has a deputy called .* The king has [riding] beasts and on their milk he feeds.

The town in which he resides is called Khazrat, where they hold a market for three days in every month.

But the most famous footballing son of course is John Barnes born and bred in Jamaica and son of a Jamaican colonel he came to England when he was 13 and the rest is history.

I have sets for both Robbie Earle and Deon Burton in my personal alternative stat thread that I think would look good as part of this All Star team.

Guys, is it okay to link my classic Jamaican sets to the team now?

I've put a lot of time and effort in to them, and so far, they've received good feedback (if not, somewhat limited ).

In fact along with the Porstmouth trio of Fitzroy Simpson, Paul Hall and Deon Burton these "imports" propelled Jamaica to it's first World Cup and set the trend for others to follow to this day.

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Ricardo Gardner came back from the world Cup in 1998 at 17 with an enhanced reputation and still plays at Bolton 12 years later an amazing achievement.

Form them are imported excellent sable and other fine furs; they hunt these animals, feeding on their flesh and wearing their skins.” “Beyond these are a coast-dweling people who travel far over the sea, without any [definite] purposes and intention; they merely do this in order to boast of reaching [such and such a remote] locality.

They are a most ignorant and stupid tribe, and their ignorance is shown by the following.

The Deon Burton set isn't one for his peak, but I guess it'll be better than nothing until I have time to make a set for him at his best.

Robbie Earle, Deon Burton, Claude Davis sets Generally speaking though, I think this thread is in need of some serious renovating, starting with the removal of the Ian Wright, John Barnes and Garth Crooks sets, since none of them actually ever played for Jamaica, and I think the idea of including players of Jamaican origin is just a desperate means of filling space.

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