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The film then makes the viewer watch the vignettes.

2 COELHOS (Two Rabbits) 2012, Afonso Poyart, 7.3 The story accompanies Edgar, a man in crisis, who uses technology, counter-intelligence and a little luck in an attempt to kill two rabbits with one stone: the State and criminals.

(‘Copacabana Deceives Me’) 1968, Antonio Carlos de Fontoura, 7.6 Marquinhos is in his early 20s and lives in Copacabana with his petits bourgeois parents and older brother.

He meets Irene, a 40 year-old woman and they have a love affair that is going to change his life – for a while.

O HOMEM QUE COPIAVA (The Man who Copied) 2003, Jorge Furtado, 7.8 André, relatively poor, falls in love with Silvia and begins to follow her around the city.

He works in a xerox place and makes a copy of a brand new 50 real bill in order to buy a dress from her store.

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