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He also claims that the "99% accurate" statement on most HPTs should be changed, or at least have a disclaimer on the box stating that not all pregnancies can be detected by this method. I keep having the pregnancy symptoms plus my lower abdomen is even hard in the middle now, but urine tests are negative (I drink a lot of water, so that can apparently dilute the hcg), and a quantitative beta hcg blood test at what would be 7 weeks was 2.39 hcg (doctor said under 5 hcg means not pregnant). I have had one ultrasound about 4 weeks ago which showed a complex cyst on my left ovary.I guess I should go for an ultrasound, and maybe that will tell. Since the blood tests were negative, the doctor is treating it as though it is a complex cyst and asked me to go back in for another ultrasound in 8 weeks. so settled for 'Drop in Clinic', and from reading other posts, I believe quite a few people are in a similar position. I have three children, so aware of my body changes, when pregnant!So my story, in May half way through my cycle I started getting bad period pains (Implantation style), and then cramping, thought it was unusual but we did have a minor accident, but my period arrived 2 days early, and was a very light 2/3 day period. spoke to nurse on routine appointment, did a test, BFN but was told I had a UTI so was given antibiotics.Basically, it will not be detected on either a urine or blood test. I am certain that I am in the vicinity of 11-15 weeks pregnant.The baby is growing just fine, but the antibodies serve to desensitize the mother to the h CG protein. There is a doctor who has been conducting a study that theorizes that this may be an evolutionary stress response. I have all the same symptoms from my first pregnancy, but have been having very light menses (2 days of spotting), and all of the tests (4 urine, 1 blood) have come up as negative.Their deaths touched the heart of the nation and Colin Parry received an OBE for peace campaigning after the atrocity.Criticism: Following his son's death, Colin Parry set up a charity project to help British terrorist victims.

however I can't help thinking I'm further along than 5 weeks (if I get a BFP), I've gone up a trouser size already, and have a full feeling in my lower stomach (very noticeable when driving!Mr Parry said the Government’s refusal was ‘short-sighted’, adding: ‘Sadly, there are likely to be future British victims of terrorist attacks, here or abroad, and we are here to help survivors.If we aren’t, it will be harder for them.’Tim Parry and another child, three-year-old Johnathan Ball, were killed in the IRA’s attack on Warrington, Cheshire, in 1993.Spoke to nurse again, another BFN, but as I had a slight temp, I got to see a doctor, who checked me out, nothing wrong, so sent for blood tests including HCG.Had test, results back, and the nurse phone me back and said I was category not pregnant!! After a bit of internet research, I put it down to one of those things, and moved on ...

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