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Let there be no mistake, if your system has already been compromised, following the advice given here will not help you, because there is no telling what backdoors and botnets clients have been installed on your system.You cannot fight back at someone who already has administrator control of your system.The ideal candidate of this project is a home user with no need for communications among PCs in the LAN and SMB organizations with one domain server.That is because the more network ports you open, the less secure you become.In fact, in large projects such as Windows, it is common to ship out code while there are still low priority bugs that are unfixed. Then, there are the not-yet-discovered bugs that only surface when certain features are used in combination.A properly hardened PC will deny and deter attacker with layers of protection.And finally we want to monitor the current threat landscape and be able to react to emerging security threats in time.Security is all these steps that begins with, but not end at, hardening the machine.

With a hardened system, they won't reach their goal.Windows is a general purpose operating system, and as such, has many built in features designed to fit many uses.As more and more lines of code accumulate, there are bound to be bugs.This tool eliminates a critical gap in Windows installation.That is when you only have services packs installed but are missing all post service pack updates.

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