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It was eventually taken up in 1997 by Sweden as Expedition Robinson.The format was an immediate hit in other Scandinavian countries and it soon caught on around the world.In the middle of the 1960s, Chuck Barris conceived a new genre in which the competitor's personal life became part of the show.They were the forerunners of today's reality game show.The reality game shows concept really took off in the 2000s with shows like Survivor, Big Brother and their clones.Planet 24 television (owned by Bob Geldof) devised the concept of Survivor but were unable to sell it to a British or American broadcaster.

Wheel of Fortune adopted the look in 2001, followed the next by Jeopardy! CBS also adopted video screens in 2001 for Hollywood Squares, a show produced by its King World division.In some shows contestants compete against other players or another team whilst other shows involve contestants striving alone for a good outcome or high score.Early television game shows descended from similar programs on broadcast radio.These shows combine elements of reality show and older reality game shows with traditional game-show elements of physical competitions by contestants. The Weakest Link) exploit a disapproval voting system similar to the reality game show, and play up the realistic confrontation between contestants, but are in fact just conventional game shows, where no bodily torture or emotionally stressful situation is created, other than the failure to answer some question or impress hosts.Dog Eat Dog was even publicised as a reality show despite being basically a revamp of The Krypton Factor with a variant of disapproval voting added. Although these shows appear to meet the third definition above ("a game that involves an element of chance or strategy in addition to, or instead of, a test of general knowledge") an interesting controversy has erupted over whether these "casino games" should be considered game shows.

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