Updating samsung bd p1600 blu ray player

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All the best Trying to make region free, but does NOT work for FW version 2.02!Why do some report it works and some report it doesn't? Has Samsung done something to prevent the hack from working?It is only NTSC and does not accept PAL discs even though they are region free.1.) My current flash of player is XAA being from US - I understood it is OK.I just bought this player from Dubai and the salesperson told me that they were selling only multi-region players, for both DVD and BD. But i have a Question for "fmcardoso" when i put a Region 2 PAL Dvd i have a message "problem with tv system" do you known why?So far tested the unit only for DVD's and it can play back R1 and R2. thankssure, i download the latest firmawre on the brasil samsung website : Down and i do what fmcardoso say...Also if you press REPEAT 5 7 5 3 8 when the "no disc" message is displayed it does not display the "2". When I press repeat after waiting for "No Disc" to appear, I get the crossed out icon which means that the command is not valid. This is on a brand new BDP1600 with the latest firmware.AUGUST 24 , Today I bought the Samgung BD-P1600 Bluray Dvd Player from one of the many Media Markt's in Istanbul .

Hi Credit for this hack goes to RABSP, although I've modified it slightly.It's basically the same method used for the Samsung BD-1500.I used it on my brand new Samsung BD-1600 today and it worked on the first try using the code below. 1) Press the POWER button on the remote to turn on the machine (no disc in the tray).2) Wait till the player has booted up and the Samsung logo screen is displayed.3) Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the remote twice, to open then close the disc tray.

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