Who is chika ike dating

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The major rumored reason was domestic violence and this is something a lot of women face in their marriages.

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A few years down the line, her face has become a regular in many movies, many of whom are shot in the east.

Having gotten married at age 20, shortly before her foray into Nollywood, the dark-skinned actress succeeded in shrouding details of her marriage until she and her man parted ways after five years. “I made this particular issue clear in several interviews. All I’m thinking about right now is my divorce as I am officially separated.” Ike’s flamboyant life style and numerous trips around the world are an open-secret.

Recently, private pictures and videos of her holidaying in Maimi, US and shopping in Dubai were trending. “Any of my avid follower on Twitter will realise that I tweet and ‘facebook’ a lot of pictures and daily activities. I shared it on my Twitter page @chikaike and it went viral on the Internet.

She officially launched her accessories store “Fancy Nancy” in Abuja on the 24th of September 2011. * The celebrant, Chika Ike changed outfits a couple of times and “loaded up” on the accessories.

As we have seen with recent celebrity events, the sense of camaraderie among Nigerian celebrities is at an all-time high!

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