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Asking about it in IRC would be a good plan, but the bare minimum is that the guy has to be able to prove they're the artist, they can't be a dick about it, and they have to go in aware of the fact that there are no guarantees.

Doesn\'t help his case that he draws and profits off of copyrighted characters that aren\'t his own.\n\n Dunno what FK\'s problem is, be it thinking their minor paywall is being hurt or just not wanting their art to be shared, but there\'s really not much that can be done about it.', 0, '', '');" title="Edit Post"1368116 1.) You can't request a thread to be deleted if it doesn't break any major rules or laws, if it doesn't appear to be disorganized, or if it doesn't need a reset 'cuz of overflowing drama.2.) Unlike the iron-fisted dictatorship that is e621, this place has no blacklist and doesn't have to abide by any takedown notices, DMCA or otherwise.EA and other VNs, that used to have people stumbling on them on the /gfur board and discovering the game now barely get anyone other than those that already know the games AND know they were moved here.That move just killed the movement in some of those threads.It\'s part of the core and needed for learning new abilities/skills. The core of the game is the most important part and the rest must be built around it.', 0, '', '');" title="Edit Post"1374778 Raise Dragons to do what exactly? Many of the dragon raising games on android/ios has them fight or whatever.While that's fine for those games a big budget title has to have a concrete core to the game that works well connected to the dragon raising.

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